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2021 Commodore’s Message 

Ahoy to all SSC Members, Returning Members, and Prospective Members

2021 is upon us.  Thanks to Past Commodore Maureen Evelyn for taking the wheel during the extraordinarily stormy events of 2020 that drove into social distancing and even quarantines at times.  Storms come.  And storms go.  And yet, we are here ready to move forward into the new year.  I suggest we all tie an anchor to 2020 and cast it overboard into very, very deep water.

If you are new to our site, welcome; we hope you join our club and enjoy all the privileges of membership!  Our teams are collaborative and our main goal is to connect skippers and crew, so we can all enjoy the wonder of the seas!  If you need to be on the water as much as our members, this is the place for you!  Follow us on Facebook and Meet-up for events and announcements.

The good news is that vaccines are coming soon and will pave the way for a transitional new normal.  It is a time for moving into the future with optimism as well as a continued and considered sense of caution.  I expect we will rely on our terrific volunteers to plan 2021 activities as if we will approximate a return to normality in the relatively near future.  As I write this in mid-December 2020, the virus rates are surging and and worse is expected following the end of the year holiday celebrations.   Fortunately, technology enables us to stick together.  Beginning in January 2021, SSC will be an online community until we feel safe enough to re-convene in person in our old haunts.  I expect we will meet online to talk sailing and boating, occasionally with speakers, as well as socializing at our usual meeting dates, first and third Thursdays, 7:00 - 8:00 or so.  Hopefully, InfoGusts and EBlasts will continue as always.  

I sincerely hope that these words of caution will seem quaint and dated by the end of 2021 and these comments about the virus will be "so 2020."

Cheers, David Zita, SSC Commodore

2021 Board of Directors and Committee Chairs 

David Zita, Commodore

Howard Brown, Vice Commodore

Elaine Ruffino, Treasurer

Nancy Briggett, Secretary

Pat Holinka, Past Commodore

Mike Emons, Membership Chairperson

Jessie Stratton, Co-Fleet Captain

Joan Giarratano, Co-Fleet Captain

Lisa Barbaro, Communications Chairperson

Paula McCabe, Social Chairperson

Toni Andrews, Docksides

Betty Kovel, Webmaster


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